Already submitted your application to Amherst? That's great news!

Once you've submitted your application to Amherst, you should find the following pages helpful for monitoring the status of your application documents, finding answers to frequently asked questions about our online Application Status Portal and, if you are admitted to Amherst, planning for special events that we will host in the spring.

Monitor Your Application: To help you track your application materials and ensure that your application is complete, you will be granted access to a secure Application Status Portal that will allow you to check whether we have received all your required application materials. You will also be able to verify the accuracy of the contact information that we have gathered from your application and entered in our database. If you've also indicated an intention to apply for financial aid, your secure Financial Aid Portal will allow you to check your personalized document list to be certain that you've submitted all the material needed for a financial aid determination to be made. Learn more about the Application Status Portal and the Financial Aid Portal and how you may expect to access the system once you become an applicant.

Frequently Asked Questions: Forgot your account password? Changed your email address?  Need to correct biographical, demographic or contact information? No problem! Check out our FAQ section for some helpful hints.

Programs for Admitted Students: Students admitted to Amherst will have the opportunity to participate in several special programs for admitted students and their families. More information will be available in the spring!