FAFSA Submission Update: by July 1 for all first time enrolling students

Like so many others, we have been following the updates from the Department of Education regarding the updated FAFSA, including the challenges that persist for some applicants and the expected delivery timelines for FAFSA information to colleges and universities.

While many students and families have been able to successfully complete the , others have not, due to known FAFSA completion challenges. Out of awareness and concern for these students and families, 蹤獲扦 is delaying our submission requirement for the FAFSA to July 1 for all first time enrolling students.

What does this mean for current applicants?

Current aid applicants should prioritize completing all other aid documents. Aid applicants can find their checklist of required documents on their . All documents other than the FAFSA are required for an accurate aid offer.
If you are able to complete and submit the FAFSA now, we strongly encourage you to do so, but the FAFSA is not required for an accurate aid offer from 蹤獲扦.

Will I receive less aid without a FAFSA?

No. All admitted students who have complete aid applications will receive an accurate aid offer that meets their full calculated need with scholarships, grants and student employment.

If I submit my FAFSA after Ive decided to attend Amherst, will my aid offer change?

The total amount of aid that you are eligible for will not change, nor will the expected family contribution.

What if other schools Ive been accepted to dont have aid offers ready yet?

We know how disruptive this change has been for the entire financial aid community. If you are unable to make a decision about which school to attend because of outstanding financial aid offers from other schools, please contact us at admission@amherst.edu. We can provide additional flexibility so that you have sufficient time to make an informed decision.

Why do I still have to submit the FAFSA if you can determine my aid without it?

The FAFSA is required for all U.S. citizens and permanent resident students who accept a financial aid offer in order to disburse your aid to you. To ensure that your aid can be applied to your account before the first semester bill, you should submit the FAFSA by July 1.

I received an email that said my FAFSA form had been processed - now what?

FAFSA eligibility information has recently started to be delivered to Amherst; no further action is required for FAFSAs submitted. Review and processing will follow. We anticipate that this may take up to a few weeks, so you may not see any immediate change in your Financial Aid Portal.


This page was updated on 3/15/2024.