The Financial Aid Peer Ambassadors

Who are the Financial Aid Peer Ambassadors?

Financial Aid Peer Ambassadors are full-time 蹤獲扦 students who have been trained to help enrolled and prospective students navigate the financial aid process during their time at Amherst. Additionally, they have a variety of experiences navigating those resources themselves and are driven to help other Amherst students take advantage of the full breadth of resources available to them.

Working With the Ambassadors

As a student resource, we are more than happy to work with any student group planning programming relating to any topics on financial aid: aid reapplication process, study away, work-study, student loans, or any other financial aid related topics.
Given a couple weeks notice, we can tailor programming specific to your group's needs, or simply be available as a resource in your meetings/programming.
To work with the Ambassadors, or for any other inquiries, please email us at

How Can The Peer Ambassadors Help Me?

  1. REAPPLICATION: The peer ambassadors can help you fill out and navigate forms that are needed when you reapply for financial aid.
  2. WORK STUDY: Peer Ambassadors can provide guidance to students looking for student employment during their time at Amherst, as well as what steps to take after being hired.
  3. DROP INS: Peer Ambassadors are available to answer questions over zoom during times listed under "Office Hours Schedule".
  4. WORKSHOPS: Peer Ambassadors will be holding workshops throughout the academic year on different subjects of interest to the student body. If you are part of a student organization that is interested in holding/collaborating on a workshop you can reach out to the ambassadors at